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Brief note on the activities of Public Health Engineering Department in the  District of Karimganj.

Introduction :

    The Public Health Engineering Department  in the District of Karimganj is vested with the responsibility of providing safe drinking water in the rural as well as the urban areas of the district. The various water supply project of the department are implemented by the Sub-Divisional Officers located at Badarpur, Karimganj & Patharkandi and is controlled by the Division Office at Settlement Road. The department is responsible to provide drinking water facility to nearly 2559 Nos. of villages and habitations of the district. Different types of water supply schemes are implemented every year under different programme approved and sanctioned under the Central Govt., State Govt. as well as District Administration. During the recent years the department is also entrusted with the implementation of rural sanction works under TSC Project sanctioned by the Govt. of India. Also the Project works of school water supply and sanitation sanctioned under UNICEF programme was implemented in Primary & upper Primary schools of Patharkandi Education Block. Implementation of school water supply schemes in approved primary & upper primary schools is also under implementation under centrally approved programme. With the recent detection of ground water contamination by Arsenic Fluoride and Iron in different areas of the District, extensive testing of drinking water sources is being carried out and tested in the District Level Laboratory. Water samples are also sent to private agencies for quantative analysis of water samples suspected to the contaminated by Arsenic. Under the joint plan of Action the PHED has also submitted proposals to the Govt. for strengthening and up-gradation of the District Level Laboratory for its proper functioning. Proposals for new piped water supply schemes for coverage of Arsenic affected habitations has been submitted and approval is expected shortly.


  1. Commissioning of Piped water supply schemes    : Total 5 Nos.

  2. Installation of Tara Direct Action Hand Pump        : Total 1104 Nos.

  3. Construction of RCC Ring wells                           : Total 78 Nos.

  4. IHHL for BPL beneficiaries                                   : Total 1592 Nos.

  5. Coverage of Rural habitations                             : Total 211 Nos.

  6. Improvement by Rejuvenation of Karimganj Town W.S.S.


  1. Commissioning of Piped water supply schemes     : Total 15 Nos.

  2. Installation of Tara Direct Action Hand Pump        : Total 1368 Nos.

  3. Construction of  Ring wells                                  : Total 4 Nos.

  4. IHHL for BPL beneficiaries                                   : Total 7519 Nos.

  5. Coverage of Rural habitations                             : Total 75 Nos.


  • Achievement percentage target 2004-2005 : 106 %

  • Achievement percentage target 2005-2006 :   82 %


        The words of improvement by Rejuvenation of Karimganj Town WSS can be highlighted as success story of PHE Karimganj Division accomplished during the Year 2004-2005. The Karimganj Town WSS was commissioned during the year 1967 to provide drinking water to entire town of Karimganj. Since its inception the scheme has been operated and maintained by the department though it belong to Karimganj Municipal Board. Over the years budgetary constraints and meager fund placement from Karimganj Municipal Board affected the periodical operation and maintenance of the scheme. The continuous operation of plant equipments and machineries and subsequent wear and tear of the same had also affected in operational performance. The rapid expansion of the urban area and mushrooming of new holdings had raised the demand for water in the existing as well as new areas of the town. A proposal for improvement by rejuvenation of the scheme was submitted to the Govt. of Assam and approval was accorded in the month of February'2004. The different repair works of the Treatment Plan, replacement of all age-old pumping sets and machineries, Barge and augmentation and extension works of the distribution system was completed within a short span of 8 (eight) months despite facing heavy odds and inclement weather conditions. All works of improvement and Rejuvenation of Karimganj Town water supply scheme were successfully completed on 22nd October'2004. The re-commissioning of the scheme was ceremonially inaugurated by the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Assam in presence of other Ministers, Local MLA, leading citizens and District Officials. With the improvement works the quality of water supply improved tremendously and sufficient water to different areas of the town was being supplied. A cry of relief was expressed from all section of people of the town and the days of uncertainty of water supply at the wake of dawn had become a dream of the tragic past.

                                             Source : Public Health Executive Engineer, Karimganj

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